About Us & The amazing Papas Team

About Papas

Papas Caffe, a lifestyle place with a character that you will just love. Our motto? We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it!

We are an independent café with a passion for creating an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends. Our place is open to anybody who loves a good coffee and food, want to enjoy a great atmosphere, spend their own time or perhaps meet new people.

At Papas we believe our cup fullfills your daily

needs. We can´t imagine to start the day without a great freshly grind coffee or how about when you need a short break from the stresses that carrys out throughout the day; there is perfect joy at our café for every occasion.

The importance of knowing that we care to give you the best cup of coffee that we can make, is priceless. Of course if you not ´a coffee addict´, our wide range of loose teas will please your taste. That´s why at Papas you will enjoy the full experience.xx

We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it!

– The Papas´ Team

Meet our team

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Alex, our part-time team member was born in Bulgaria, but decided to study in UK. You can meet her behind the till taking your orders with her friendly and sweet approach. Her Bulgarian nature ´swinging her head´ from left to right meaning YES, which brings great fun and confusion to our workplace. She is our ´lady popular´.

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Diana comes from Portugal where they definitely know how to drink espresso! She is usually behind the coffee machine creating the special cup of coffee that will make you come back! In a future you might be able to see her also in the kitchen, as she is determined to make your experience even better. That´s why she is our ´miss spectacular´.

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Jenny was born in New York, but most of her life grown up in between France and Portugal. It is simply complicated, however the international influence gave Jenny a great advantage. She speaks fluently English, French and also Portuguese. At Papas, you can meet her in front of the coffee machine as she is our “coffee diva”.

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Loan, our ´frenchie´, comes from Nice in South of France. Her friendly face and jokes makes everyone´s day better. Loan will either take your order, or make you one of the delicious ´Papas cuppa´ that you will not forget about. Her secret? Adding just a smidge of her whimsiness makes the magic!

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Sophie, our ´little sweetheart´is the youngest team member. She lives and comes from Worcester. During the weekday she is busy with her college stuff, but you can meet her behind the counter once a week. Her personality talks for itself, but you need to meet her more than once!

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Chef Miri

Chef Miri is the perfect final touch to our team. We love him for his unique, but tasty specials that have been very popular amongst you! His personality is very friendly and chatty as you already have found out! You either see him a lot or not at all, as he is preparing something great for you in the kitchen!