celebrating 1st year in business

This is so exciting news! Today, 19th June, it is exactly a year when Papa´s Caffe opened its door for the first time. Here is short story of things what went trhough our minds and what had been upto back then…

… it was a beautiful sunny day on Wednesday morning. Just a perfect day for us to be opened in the heart of Worcester. The perfect day for Papa´s to be opened for everybody. In the same day (or maybe few days later), our motto was born and this motto keeps us going every day: “We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it” !

We love the fact that we are set in an amazing building with such a great history, it does just make it all special.

Before we opened, we were searching throughout the mainland to find the best of the best. Getting inspiration from the best coffee shops out there, looking at menus and taking it all into cosideration with the owners more than 10 years  looking at different competitors so we know  We work hard to make sure you are all satisfied.

In nowadays, it is a miracle when independent business survives even first year. If you only look at the high street, since January few shops had closed down. So allow us please to be proud at ourselves that we managed to serve you our lifestyle throughout the year. Let´s believe for many other years to come. Yay!

In this way, we would like to thank you all, especially our family, our friends and to all who did help us with the opening last year. Also a big thank you to all our customers, who support us since the very first time. Even if you found our cafe just recently, we really appreciate your support. Without you, we wouldn´t exist!

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