We are currently looking for our own blend, which of course takes time. In between the time, we found the most tasty variety that represent Papa´s coffee identity in one of Segafredos coffee blends. Our Segafredo coffee calls Bueno that can be found anywhere else in Worcester. Below is explained the taste of our coffee.

The Coffee Plant

coffee plantOur coffee is a blend of Robusta and Arabica Coffea, the most common varieties of the coffee plant. The Robusta variety is a vigorous species with a strong and full-bodied taste and has a higher caffeine content. The Arabica variety has a deep aroma and a light and intense taste. It also contains a minimum level of caffeine.

Coffea originate from from the Arabian Peninsula, however in nowadays, coffea can be found anywhere in Equatorial regions that are located in a band around the Equator and cover about 6% of the Earth’s surface.

The greatest manufacturer of coffee is Brazil, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, India and Guatemala.
The Arabica quality is produced mainly in the South American area; it covers three quarters of the world production, whilst the Robusta variety is produced for the most part in India, Indonesia and Vietnam.


You can’t call espresso a coffee done with only one coffee variety. Espresso is the painter’s art to mix colours, it’s a symphony carried out by many elements of an orchestra.