Coffee selection

coffee cup papas
Anything you can think of we have at Papas. From great taste of single espresso to a flavoured large latte, our Flat white is made to your perfection. If you prefer a lovely black or white coffee, we make it in the only best way possible. If there is anything else you would like to try, just ask our baristas, they are trained to fully meet your needs.

Tea selection

Pot of tea drawing Papas
Our tea is a selection of loose teas from TeaPig, one of the best selling loose tea brands on the market. In each teabag you can only find whole leaf tea, herbs and flowers; that´s for the best taste. Even though Teapig comes in teabags it is still loose tea, their bag innovation is just fantastic. A coffee company like ours appreciate anything smart (as these ‘bad boy bags’) to serve your tea fast enough, but still keep the quality of the tea.

Ice drinks

Papas Milkshake drawing
No matter if its Summer or Winter, we offer a wide range of Ice fruit drinks, milkshakes, home-made ice teas or frappes that can be mixed with our flavours, from vanilla to strawberry. Anything on your list is on our list!

Seasonal Specials

christmas_gift_coloring_pageEvery season we try something different, something that will make you love Papa´s even more, something that taste beautifully and something that will create a great addition to our menu. Let´s be honest, we all need some pleasant ´sugar´ in our lives.